Karibu Jamii Yangu Foundation

Improving lives, One Breath at a time

About Us

Jamii Yangu Foundation was founded in the year 2018 with the main aim of supporting different orphanage centers in Arusha, Tanzania.

Since then JYF has supported over 500 kids living in different orphanage centers with school items, food, clothes and other basic needs.

Our Core Values;


We are directly concerned with the sufferings or misfortunes of others.


We invite trust by revealing and being open with all that we do through our service process.


Serving others is our key aspect, We put the ones in need first to ensure that they attain all their basic needs.

Our Focus


We donate food items to the orphanages and families in need.


We care for the health of the kids in the orphanages.


We ensure kids in the orphanages we visit are getting educated.


We ensure orphanages have good shelter for the kids to stay.

Christmas Lunch program

Every year we celebrate Christmas in a unique way by visiting orphanages and families and supporting them with food, school items and clothes. This year we will visit Huruma Orphanage in Njiro; You can support us by donating food, clothes, school items and your time.


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